Tips on How to Write a Thesis Introduction Comprehensively and with Less Effort

Tips on How to Write a Thesis Introduction Comprehensively and with Less Effort

Writing a thesis might be a daunting exercise but is also a source of satisfaction to scholars especially when they are exploring a subject of their interest.

How to Write an Introduction for a Thesis

Thesis writing requires a scholar first to have some understanding of a thesis paper. Scholars need to ask themselves what is a thesis paper before embarking on the write-up. A thesis is a long essay which offers a persuasive answer to a presented research question. The introduction of a thesis paper provides the background information of the research topic and presents a statement referred to as a thesis statement which shows the stance of the author regarding the topic. A thesis statement functions to grab the attention of the reader and signals the position of the paper. The process of writing a thesis presents an opportunity for scholars to sharpen their critical thinking skills as it is a way of allowing scholars to present their ideas and support them with facts and valid data. As a result, learners may end up finding the process of such research works fun and exciting.

However, some students make a big mistake when they start their written assignments before narrowing their topic, developing a clear and precise thesis and outline of the work. An outline makes it easy to complete a written assignment as it dictates the major parts of the work. Different theses have unique structures but share various common elements. These shared common elements give a hint on how to write a thesis paper.

So, what is the General Outline of a Thesis Paper?

The main text of a thesis paper is generally organized into chapters which include the introduction, theory, methods, findings, discussion and the conclusion. The conclusion forms the last chapter of the paper after which the appendix section follows. This section is not considered as a chapter, although it is part of a thesis paper. Now, narrowing down to the introductory part of the paper, what does the first chapter of a thesis paper, the introduction, entail?

How to Write a Good Introduction of a Thesis Paper

To write a comprehensive introduction of a thesis, a scholar needs first to have a full understanding of the research question. The introduction is unspecific at the beginning but should lead the reader to the specific question of the study. In this chapter, the author is required to state the purpose of the study and clearly explain its significance. It requires discussing in details how the research will add practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of study. The introduction part should state how the research topic relates to the student’s course of study. As well, this chapter should address the significance of the research work to mass communication education. The introduction should, therefore, present a broad statement of the research problem which should be in a question form and explain why there is a need for the research. It should show who will benefit from the study and how they will benefit. It should end with a hypothesis of the thesis. It should be noted that a thesis is fundamentally flawed if its purpose is not well defined and if it lacks a strong theoretical grounding.